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NEW Dark Angel RPG

Ok, so we're not THAT new... but we are kinda new... and we're looking for members. We're open, have some canons left, and are pretty freshly started, so you can jump right in, and grow with us.


A few short weeks after the siege at Jam Pony, the Transgenics are living freely. With their own fort and a bio-hazard sign to stop trespassers and the mobs, they can finally spend time in the light, lapping up the sun, or the life, they always wanted.

The scene is set for a happy life, unbroken by those who hunt them, but they know that can't last forever. As news spreads about the Transgenics and their nation, more and more angry citizens are getting involved. Transgenics from all over the country and cropping up and joining in the fight.

However, agencies sent to abolish them are depleting, as they realize the job is just too large.

Max is running the nation, with help from Alec and those others who stood by her. Just as things started to look up, their new world seems to have come falling down around them. What will they do now?

Their freedom will not come easily, but with the help of their friends new and old; the Transgenics will fight through to the end.

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